BeeBoy, or Bboyjyoung as he was affectionately known, was a former Sal's administrator. His rise to power, from his humble beginnings as a global moderator was unheard of and he had the love of the Sal's forum populace. BeeBoy was one of the leaders of Clan Guthix, and made his fame by selling crude pixel art.

BeeBoy was involved in a number of forum scandals, including the infamous Buddy Kit rip as well as the whole United Clans of Sal's debacle. Later after being forced out of the forums by Cameron, Salmoneus, and Zachary, BeeBoy left to establish his legacy with The BeeHive - a now defunct InvisionFree forum.

BeeBoy also believed himself to be a sort of "Runescape god." He called himself "Beeranjebus," a clear blasphemy against Jesus Christ our Lord, and made a website devoted to himself. Beeranjebus' Vault can be found here. He clearly has a god complex.

BeeBoy's Shit Art

BeeBoy made his Runescape living by selling his "pixel art." Now his art was frankly quite terrible, but it sold because it provided an easy way to suck up to an admin.