Sorry Co-Z, but he ain't comin' for you.

Co-Z was warrior Co-Z was champion Co-Z was banned Co-Z is gone

Co-Z's Banning

Co-Z posted a topic around 100 years ago with people he didn't like in it. He was honest, but the entry was incredibly light-hearted and about the furthest from flaming you could possibly do with a topic like that. He was promptly banned for expressing his opinion and sentenced to 10 years in a prison labor camp in North Korea. For some reason, Obama hasn't gotten on the North Korean government to release him.


Co-Z returned under the pseudonym of "Vera" and posted pics of "herself" to gain the forum's trust that "she" was really a "girl". He convinced most of the Gillis Crew with, and I think I'm remembering this right, I pic of "herself" that said "hi populus" or something. When "she" was outed as a man and banned Twist of Fate's head exploded.