The most frightening and telling story of any Sal legend in history.

Early Story

For a while, people suspected that Metal Cactus and Daniel were the most obvious case of multiple accounts ever, so few salfags hatched a plan to get them both banned. I don't know the full story, but apparently Nicole P, Cxkslei, and Kittenblob were involved in getting a confession out of Daniel on Runescape. Daniel talked to staff and said it was BS. Him and Cactus are just bros.

That Fateful Night

Daniel was on AIM a lot of the time, or so they (Adam?) say. Legend says that he was constantly pming Nicole P, finding out personal information and telling her he did. He would send her things and in general just creep her out. Then, one day, Daniel sent her PORN. This was his downfall. Nicole P told Adam? she was going to police, who immediately told Daniel. They both lold. A week later, Daniel was confronted AT HIS HOUSE by his PARENTS who were sitting in the room with POLICE OFFICERS and they knew EVERYTHING. He was banned from Internet, had his IP monitored, and had to write Nicole P and APOLOGY LETTER. He then cried in his room for 20 months.

The Moral

Don't fudge with AIM POLICE.