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He's pretty tank

Definition is a beast hurdler from Montreal, PQ. He is regarded as a traitor because of an application he made to the Salcast. He has aspirations to be a medical engineer, or a doctor, or both!!! He would like to go to MIT one day. He also led the Sal's treasure hunt into a clusturfuck after giving false hints such as the password's relevance to Macbeth, Shamwow, Jenkins and that song by a band i forgot of. His favorite pizza is Al-Taib on Guy. Check it out if you're in the Guy/Concordia area of downtown. Theres also Anatolia on St. Mathieu but there are always College de Montreal (french) kids there after school.

Definition's sig

Benedict Arnold Incident

He joined the Salcast w/o the approval of Adam?, Man and Niger. These are only opinions. he has not betrayed, but by applying for the Salcast, they have been forced into an insecure position,
seeing as Definition knows the secrets behind what makes the TMZ great. He may though, which has led yelo and #habitat to force access on him, and essentially put him on the troll list here. Since adam? is a fucking genius, he included an uber pic. True shit.