He aced a role in The Exodus of Runescape through his fantastic screenplay and acting skills. Definitely not a troll.

"i like a guy who is fashionable " - a fan

The Exodus in RuneScape

Halloween, or now known as hlow, played the egyptian, Baka, the master builder. Halloween portrayed his character very well, by expressing his aggressive and tough emotions. He grew a long beard and had his skin darkened to play his part. He also had to shave his head in order to fully resemble the character he played. First, Baka served as enforcement to Ramses (played by xrvn) and would punish any slaves who opposed him.

In the movie, Baka is seen watching slaves mining in Egypt. While there, Aron (played by yelo) refuses to continue his work. Therefore, Baka sends him into the jail. While there, (Joshua, portrayed by Adam?) manages to save Aron, allowing them to escape. Baka then sees them escaping, and warns them they will both be killed. Aron ignores the threat and runs away, like the swift Jamaican he is.

Baka is also seen in the execution of Aron and Joshua, but Moses (played by man) finds them and saves them.

The next scene Baka is in is a large battle scene. It is between everyone in the cast. They first exchange a few words and then begin the fight after Ramses declares it. After the large fight, Moses, Joshua and Aron sneak away. They escape from Egypt and are free.

The final scene, displays the rest of the slaves in a town called Lumbridge, where they are free. They are being led by Moses. Halloween, or Baka, actually played one of the free slaves.