Noisia is an Australian. A proper Australian, like iTush.



He was an op in #novus and is the owner of #populus.

Noisia was present in #weepee when Whitey forgot Bar Refaeli was a Jew.

Team Wiener

Noisia participated in the great Puzzlehunt of 2009. He is a founding member of Team Wiener, along with Infrared, xrvn and fshi. He also solved the password that Gillis and his lackeys could not. It is worth noting Ollie's considerable efforts in solving the desert clue.

Team Wiener

Work in the wider community

Noisia is widely credited by prominent volleyball aficionados with inventing the word Fagtalysm.

Noisia has pursued fruitless romances with Vera, Arianna, Patou, iTush, Vlad, and noo-noo.

Noisia collects famous IRC nicknames with a ferocity rivaled only by Monrapias when defending his girlfriend. His current collection consists of Dissentor, King Of Monra, Kronian and Patou.