Novus was the forums unofficial IRC chat after the failed attempt of #Slams. It lasted for several years under the control of its founders Dissentor, Yangwang, and Patou. During the founders long absence it was maintained by operators Makz, King of Monra, and Darren.

The Death of #Novus

In July 2009, the Novus channel was boycotted due to Yuanrang banning Xraven for no reason!!! Yuanrang called Xraven a "ho," and he naturally took offense and complained. This resulted in his unlawful banishment and caused a mass exodus from #Novus to #Habitat. Within Habitat the constitution for a new, free IRC channel was drafted, a channel that would be lead by the ppl. THUS #POPULUS WAS BORN.

<@Yuanrang> Now I actually don't need to annoy myself with you lot. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of good people around too, but they were overshadowed by the lolfag group.

The Novus website can be found here.