Former home to the trolls and general rejects of Sals. Most of the time they simply shout incoherently at each other and talk about how gay sals is, even though the whole forum is built around Sal's. It had glory days lasting around a year or so, and yelo has attempted to revive it several times.

Home of the pcfag.


The Birth of Paradise City

TheBassWizard created Paradise City as a haven for those who have become disenfranchised with Glorious People's Republic of Sal's Runescape Forum. Early on, people did not like PC, so it was constantly trolled in its early days. Then, a random troll decided to porn bomb. Bass was not on the spot to stop it, so he promote Adam? to mod. Then Adam tried to make PC serious forum but that didn't work so it went further into bullshit. Then they were trolled again and he became an admin. Contrary to popular belief, this trolling actually gave PC the bump it needed to become popular.

So they wouldn't be discovered by salfag, PC decided to make an Advanced Members forum where only true pcfags were allowed to enter. This is where they planned their evil trolling raids that were tearing the forum from the inside out. To be honest, it was exactly the same as every other forum in that it was complete shit.

Paradise City would go through ups and downs of activity, but in general was fairly active most of the time. With daniel there to constantly make evil trolls, everyone had something to talk about. Nicole P joined under the name of FUCKING TOURETTES, and only Blade knew about it at the time. Everyone agrees it became pretty awkward when Daniel was constantly mocking Nicole P on Paradise City when she was a god damn mod.

The staff of PC consisted of a plethora of unique individuals. The mods were Co-Z, Yelo, and Niccy P, while the admin cast consisted of TheBassWizard, Adam?, and Blade.

Then Co-Z wanted a debate room and everyone lold.

The Death Of Paradise City

PC went into decline until finally Bass closed it with a sign saying "PC is Dead. Go Home". All the trolls were very angry. A few forums trying to imitate PC popped up, most notably Ohiithar, but they all failed because you can't have a spinoff forum without daniel. PC was the longest standing spin off forum (not clan) sals had ever seen, and was responsible for 425,327,801 trolls.

Since they couldn't troll outside of Sals, everyone who was on PC went to Sals, trolled, and were banned by glorious Yuanrang hammer of justice.

Yelo Tries To Rebirth

Yelo, Blade, and Adam? tried to revive it after Yelo made a new forum, Parasite City, to take its place. The same members were there, but the spark was gone. Both attempts at rebirth failed after a month or two.