Pixel Bunnie

Pixel Bunnie is v attractive, but not quite as much as Miss Death!! She used to be a DM, but cried and resigned and quit!!! But she's back! :) Sal's latest Pixel Bunnie is Vera. When Vera stole the hearts and testicles of about half the forum, Pixel Bunnie was pissed, as she needs the boys attention for sustinence or face her 3000 year reign of terror to end and be forced back into the Underworld with the rest of the Titans. Vera giggled at this and posted another 16 pictures of the left side of her face and quickly vanquished Pixel Bunnie for about 2 days until she decided that her quitting was bullshit.

One of her facebook status (No lie)
*Her real name here* Just made a fanny fart