Sal's TMZ was the best thing to ever happen to the forums. It consisted of xrvn as host, along with man, yelo, Fraff, Adam?, Nadson, Dwarrior, Venom, and Trey. Sal's TMZ is in every way better than the SalCast and this caused some controversy on the forums. The TMZ also made history by hiring renowned forumer Sofee away from the official SalCast.

TMZ Recording Studio


sal's tmz logo

Sal's TMZ is recorded in TMZ Vent, the secret ventrilo server.

Music in Sal's TMZ

every episode of Sal's TMZ begins with a song from Fall out boy and ends with a song from Drake, all less then 30 seconds so xrvn doesn't get sued.

Episodes of Sal's TMZ

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

The Death and Revival of TMZ

After the release of TMZ 4, Celtic told the creators that it was probably the biggest pile of shit he'd ever seen. All of the people who had ever worked on TMZ realized how horrible it was, stated that TMZ was cancel. Man , Xrvn , and Adam? all went to SalCast to apply. However, falconize played them like checkers so Man, Xrvn and Adam? canceled their applications to start a new podcast called Sal's TMZ.

Final Nail In The Coffin

TMZ 5 was supposed to be hailed as the comeback of Sal's TMZ. However, it proved to be the opposite. Fearing it was too "edgy", it was never posted on the forum. Rather, people had to request it from the makers after being told it was very offensive. It was horribly unfunny, lost Venom his rank, and started the chain-reaction that led to the death of Sals.