The Exodus In Runescape was a Runescape feature film originally submitted for the Jagex Machinima Contest. However it was ineligable due to its length and quality, so it remains one of the finest pieces of Runescape cinematography to date.


  1. Adam?- Joshua/Director
  2. Dwarrior- Sethi
  3. Halloween- Baka
  4. Man- Moses
  5. Xrvn (Niger)- Ramses
  6. Yelo- God/Aaron

thumb|472px|center|The Exodus In Runescape


  • Best Picture 2009
  • Best Screenplay 2009
  • Best Actor (man) 2009
  • Best Director (Adam?) 2009
  • Best Special Effects (xrvn) 2009
  • Best Sex Scene ((Halloween and yelo) 2009
  • Best Actress (Dwarrior)


The video fell flat on its ass and wasn't funny. This can probably be attributed to its length, which should have been cut down to 3 minutes. Instead, we are left with pauses, unfunny, incoherent moments, and a general sense of boredom.