President Vera Lincoln

I'm afraid you all fail to understand how this word is being used.

You're a Salfag, I'm a Salfag, we're all Salfags. This does not mean we are gay and this is not derogatory. It's a common convention of internet slang and I'm surprised so many people aren't familiar with it. WoW players call themselves WoWfags and veterans of 4chan call themselves oldfags (as well as calling new members newfags).

Sometimes, this is negative, but it's lost its negeative meanings, really. Us being "Salfag" is the same as two black men referring to eachother by the N-word or gay people saying "We're here and we're queer!". It's a derogatory term being used in a neutral context.
So, please, if you're called a Salfag, don't take offense.

- Vera