Xraven is a v loving person who takes care of Niger ppl. He caused the death of #Novus by sticking up for his rights as an American citizen and has become a true Runescape Warrior.

Xraven's Role On Sal's TMZ

Xraven made history when he founded the TMZ with man. Their podcast quickly passed the SalCast in the ratings and became a memorable piece of Sal's culture.

Xraven On YouTube

Xraven is also a very accomplished director and editor, as seen on hisYouTube account. He is responsible for filming such films as The Exodus in Runescape, Sal's Realm of runescape vid!!!!1, and .

Xraven IRL


xrvn's SAT score!!

xraven name is Mohammad. He is brown Muslim but sounds like white boy!!!! Xraven is v big cubs fan and acknowledges the fact that they love choking. Even though xraven may seem v silly at times, he is actually very smart. He got a perfect (2400) on his SAT and is National Merit Scholar Finalist! He is on speech, debate, science olympiad, scholastic bowl, varsity golf and varsity baseball. He likes playing super smash bros a lot. On December 15th, 2009, xraven was accepted SCEA to Yale University, even though he doesn't want to go there. Nicole P, his neighbor, tried to sell him drugs but he said no and called the police. Nicole P now has to go to boarding school cause she is bad.

Xraven In Runescape

xraven is a true rs warior. He has changed his name 3 times. His orginal name was Xraven92 which he then changed to H1N1 Hurts and then to SalcastTrash. On November 18, 2009, xraven was
Picture 34

xrvn being asked to be a pmod!

asked to become a Runescape Player Moderator, which he graciously accepted. Now xraven helps protect runescape from bad people by muting them.

Xraven vs Sals Clan Chat

Xraven always dreamed of becoming a pmod ever since he was little boy. He would go to the sals cc and say "one day i will become a pmod", to which everyone one hate on him saying that he would never become a mod. When xraven actually did become a mod, everyone in the cc raged and the cc mods banned him cause they were jealous.