If Yelo was black

Yelo is the daddy of #Habitat and was beaten by his father for working on Sal's TMZ too late. Yelo was just your typical salfag until he became a PC mod and founded Parasite City. From then on he was yelo the troll. :)

Yelo fighting Hitler

Yelo came to fame when he started broadcasting his obsession for Hannah Montana. Many criticized him for the love of the teen pop-star, but he did not let their insults sway his opinion of her. On August 21st, 2007, Yelo posted a Hannah Montana topic in the Entertainment section of Salmoneus Realm where he linked forumers to her songs and recommended they listen to her. Long story short, the topic ended up in a flame-war and was eventually closed by Meen. Adam? was the one who reported the faithful topic.

Yelo is v famous for his successful blog seems to be more entertaining than Nicole P's blog or Adam?'s, but hontestly if you're looking for a blog filled with anime shit, then The Harmonic Door is your best bet.


Yelo began frequenting the #Novus channel on SwiftIRC towards the end of the 2006 summer. There, he was a newbie to IRC and virtually unknown amongst his Salmoneus peers. His activity began

increasing and was then properly recognized. Nearly a year later, he changed his user from Yellow to yelo in order to support the use of less text in online speech. Another year had passed as Yelo began to become even more popular on Sal's and IRC. Due to Yelo being the leader he is, he created a channel known as #habitat. #habitat suffered many inactivity sweeps and thusly was revived many times. #habitat's highlight of it's existence was when everybody relocated there from #Novus during The Great Boycott of #Novus and it served as a brain-storming channel for the creation of #Populus.

Paradise City

Yelo was v upset when Paradise City was closed down, and Nightclub fell apart in two seconds. He tried to revive the great PC by making a new one (Parasite City). Now HE was admin, but for some reason, it died just like any other generic Sal spinoff forum. When he tried to revive it again, it died even faster. Yelo cries every night, lamenting his failure to bring back Paradise City.