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Zachary was one of the most technically skilled users of Sal's up until the day that he disappeared. Some say he's still out there wandering the internets. A lone Runescape warrior looking to uphold COPPA and protect innocent ppl.

Zachary was the administrator of the fabled RuneTomb website and forums, and a close friend to Roger.

Zachary also tried to make an MMO called Driftal Wars with amazing HD graphics. President Bush cut funding and the game was never produced.

Im a person who plays runescape. Is working on paying money for IPB.
Loves Uses invisionize. Likes to PM salmoneus to much;
HEY! thats me :p

Im skilled in HTML, JavaScript, CSS. I know some PHP; And love computers.

running a Dell Demension B100. I run my school's computer network;
Thats 26 computers. I also teach HTML on mondays & thursdays &
fridays. I am class president! :p

I am annnoying most of the time.

I have knowledge in the following software:
Mozzila Firefox
Microsoft Paint
Windows Movie Maker
Zoo tycoon 2(AA, ES, DD.. :P)
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition
America Online 9.0 & 8.0 & 7.0
Swift Switch
Invision Power Board 1.x
Invision Power Board 2.x
PhpBB 2.x
PhpBB 3.x
MyBB 1.x
TBB 0.x
And most other forum software.
... And more

I can help you with the basics of:

I can usally almost always help you with:
... And more :p